The Essence of Meditation in Life

Our recent lives have become very stressful. We feel like we are about to explode at any moment. Many people sit in their desks with their minds flying away else where filled with stress and burned out feelings they have to bury in order to finish a work day.

Meditation is a powerful tool to relieve the stresses of daily life. It is a way to align both body and mind with the needs of the spirit. Through meditation, we can achieve mindfulness and being able to live in the moment. Meditation also helps you clear anxiety, grief, confusion, depression and stresses in our lives. On the other hand, meditation also helps you to stay grounded in times of blessings and enjoy all the goodness that life gives us.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the act of seeking stillness in both mind and body. It is the ability to sit or lie down and clear the mind of thoughts that cause anxiety. The very core of meditation is awareness and serenity in one. Meditation is the way to find and realize that we have awareness, this awareness allows us to face life and be strong.

There are many different kinds of meditation. But all forms of meditation aims to find one thing: AWARENESS. When we find awareness, we become kinder to ourselves and to others. When we become aware, we also do not cling to much to life and to material things, for we know that everything is ephemeral and that we only have the current moment to live and enjoy.

Different Kinds of Meditation:

Meditation comes in different forms. Each form is aimed for a certain type of individuals. Unlike the usual notion that meditation is is just simply sitting there and doing nothing but clearing your head, meditations can differ in forms in order to serve the person using it well.

Lotus Pose Meditation – Lotus Pose meditation is one of the most common forms of meditation. As the name goes, it requires a person to seat down in the lotus pose. In this form of meditation, you normally sit in a comfortable, quiet place and clear your mind and you breathe.

Guided Meditations – Guided Meditations are becoming more and more common now. You normally do this by listening to a guided meditation which is already premade or it is done live by guru who leads you into finding peace.

Focusing on an Object – This form of meditation is normally for those who have a difficulty clearing their minds and are likely to have a wandering thoughts as they meditate. This is normally done by mentally focusing on a particular item or visually looking at it. You can also use mandalas in order to do this.

Art Therapy and Coloring Book Meditation – Similar to Focusing on an Object Meditation, Art Therapy or Coloring Book Meditations are normally for those who have very hyperactive minds. In this meditative form, you focus on creating art, this in turn pulls you away from the problems and thoughts that beleaguer your mind. Through art you can release your tensions and focus on creating something beautiful.

Music Meditation – Music Meditation helps those who want to create a charged surrounding. Music is known as healing for the mind. Depending on the type of music, listening to melodies can either fill you with energy or make you feel relaxed.

There are many other forms of meditation, but there is always a meditation to suit you.

Why Meditate?

The very essence of meditation is mindfulness, awareness and serenity. The busier you are, the more you need to meditate. Why? Because you need the time to clear your mind and be aware again on what is really important. Meditation is also like clearing trash from you brain and mind. It is like hitting the reset button and being able to breathe again and just knowing that whatever happens, happens and that you can survive.

You need to meditate. You need to focus your energy into just being and existing but also contributing to life and the universe.

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