Vegetables In Your Backyard, Changing The Economy Through Gardening

When you prepare your dinner, do you ever go out to your garden to pick tomatoes and lettuce to make your salad or do you go to your fridge? Have you ever gone to your window sill to pluck out a few leaves of basil to mix into your pasta? Or have you tried planting anything in a pot of soil and then waiting for it to grow and be a part of your meal in the future? Well now is the best time to try.

Recently, there has been a movement of growing your food from small pots on your window seal to whole of your backyard. This movement has helped many communities change the lives of the people who live there.

Economic Empowerment Through Planting Herbs and Veggies

Organic vegetables have grown overly expensive in the recent years. Eating healthy has become more and more expensive. Cheap junk food such as burgers and fries has been the common go to food of people who are in hurry and don’t have a lot of money. But what if eating vegetables does not mean additional expenses but rather something that you don’t need to spend much money on?

Eating more vegetables can actually mean spending less money. Meat costs more. Red meat is also often linked to cancer. Cancer has now become a billion dollar industry that dharma companies make money from.

So how does growing veggies help change the economic structure of a society? Simple, vegetables help reduce expenses and promote good health.

Less expenses – Eating veggies that you have personally grown means you don’t need to run to the supermarket. You don’t have to plant everything that you eat since you may not have enough space but things such as herbs that normally cost a lot can be grown in small mason jars. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Empowering yourself instead of big corporations – A lot of the vegetables and fruits that we eat are grown by big corporations and companies. They make money by loitering the environment and not to mention other people. They abuse their workers in some cases. Some companies who do fair trade may still have monetary interests and may use harmful chemicals in growing their plants.

By growing your own veggies or herbs or fruits, you make a stand. You tell the companies that you can create a healthy meal from your own backyard.

Better health – Better health may change the face of economics for many countries. If the population ate more veggies, it would mean that more people get sick less. If this happens, more people can be more productive. The state may need to spend less money on hospitalization and medicines for those who got sick due to lifestyle and diet choices.

Common Benefits of Growing Plants

They say that being surrounded by plants help us live a better life. Many people believe that plants benefit us in many ways. Scientists and doctors have already proven that eating more greens can help ward of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and certain cancers. Plants are necessary to have good quality air. But aside from health benefits and providing a relaxing space, growing plants can also boost your income and finances.

A plant based diet is also a way to show mercy and compassion towards other sentient beings such as animals. Humans have already used and abused animals and the results of such actions have already affected mankind in a negative way.

Health benefits – Growing plants and eating them can help us be healthier. Plants are high in fiber that can cleanse our bodies. Plants are also high in alkalizing agents that ward off acidity in the blood. An acid body is highly prone to cancer.

Plants can also help us ward of colds, fevers and flu. Aside from that eating certain plants can help us fight deadly diseases. Plants also increase our blood flood. Eating green leafy vegetables can also help ward off aging.

Anti-aging – Plants contain enzymes and nutrients that prevent our bodies from aging. Vitamin from citrus fruits help us fight respiratory diseases and also promote healthy and supple skin though collagen production. Beta carotene helps improve our eyesight. Tea has flavonoids that get rid of harmful free radicals.

Relaxing environment – Plants makes us feel relaxed. When we are surrounded by plants, we get higher levels of oxygen. We get clean air because plants are natural air purifiers. Bering surrounded by plants help people reduce stress.

Healthy = Happy

A healthy person is normally more vibrant than a person who is sick. A person who does not spend all his money on health damaging food is normally more cheerful that a person who is so broke from eating out all the time. If you plant vegetables or herbs, you can help yourself be healthier. You can change your body as well as your mind. Growing things can also make you feel better.

So why not try growing your own food? Try it, it’s good for you.

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