A Wake Up Call to Millennials

The recent years brought about many leaps and bounds in technology and science. This also is the time where connectivity and the internet has boomed to it’s hilt. This means we can communicate with anyone. The internet allowed us show the world who we are through social media.

Millennials and Life

Millennials are those born from the years 1982-2002. They are the generation to first use the internet’s potential. They were the first to give social media a try. They are also those who experienced massive changed with technology, specially the older millennials

However younger millenials, born in the years 2002 and up were more accustomed to the fast track life. They never knew much about the slow internet connection of dial up. They did not really use analog cellphones. They were born in the time were the iPhone was already a hit and 24/7 connectivity is a must.

But how does this affect the millennials? Millennials tend to be good multi taskers, adept with technology, success oriented, sheltered, confident and to some extent narcissistic. Millenials are the children of the highly intellectual baby boomers. And being such, they have parents who devote time and effort on their kids while working hard at work.

Millenials seek equality above all. This is the time were political, religious and cultural barriers are broken down. To a point, it is good and liberating. But to an extent it may leave a millenial wanting a true identity.

Millenials are also raised by the notion that they can do and achieve anything. They have parents who have been schooled to push their children to be achievers. Social media is also an avenue to showcase one’s self.

Millenials and Social Media

The advent of social media has really changed the way people connect and communicate. Many experts have tagged the Generation Y or the Millennial as the Me, Me, Me Generation. They are called as such because there is now a big sense of narcissim among the millennials.

Through social media, millennials can now share their thoughts, feelings and experiences not just with words but with pictures and videos. This is good because it gives them a voice that can be heard all around the world. However it also creates a sense of wanting to show a perfect life to the world. The internet has become a stage where one poses to be happy and upbeat all the time.

Getting Likes and Comments on posts increases the amount of dopamine in one’s brain, hence making social media highly addictive. This causes the millennial to chain him/herself to a smartphone all day long. The smartphone is the first thing he looks at when he opens his eyes and the last thing he checks before he sleeps.

However this has greatly affected relationships. Many people know each other through different platforms of social media but lack an intimate knowledge about others to form lasting and deep relationships.

Millenials and The Sense of Entitlement

Millennials to have a high sense of entitlement because their parents raised them to believe that anything is possible and that they can achieve anything and everything. Failure is something most millennials cannot take. They work hard so they feel that they should always be rewarded. Which is not the case in their jobs. After they graduate from school and start working they find out that life is not fair. This breaks their hearts

Growing up in a world where everything is fast paced and everything seems shiny means that they need to have it. They buy lots of clothes to impress others and post on social media. They need to have their $4 coffee fix. More and more millenials demand instant rewards for the efforts they make

A sense of entitlement fills a lot of millenial hearts. They think that once they work hard, they should be rewarded. They tend to forget that working hard is part of their duty. And if rewards are not given, they feel distraught and broken.

Also the sense of entitlement puts pressure on them. They see others being able to juggle an 8-5 job, social life and having fun and so they feel they got to have it to. This causes them to forgo sleeping and rest. It also puts a strain on their finances and relationships.

A Wake Up Call

Being born in a fast paced competitive world may have shaped millennials much differently compared to generations that came before them. The millennial spirit is not all negative, there are many positive traits in them.

  • Wanting work-life balance is a commendable thing to aspire to, but remembering that this is difficult to achieve and that at some point SACRIFICES have to be made.
  • Social media has given voice to everyone, but spending too much time on it can be counter intuitive. Posing as a someone perfect will also cause sadness and depression. However throwing out all your garbage on Twitter or Facebook is still a big no-no. Seek out real life friends and spend time with them face to face. Make memories with or without posting them online. Your social media persona should never be different from who you truly are.
  • Forget about feeling entitled. The world owes you nothing. If you work hard, that is because it is your duty. Your reward for working hard is a sense of self fulfillment and not some sort of monetary bonus or promotion. The workplace is a rat race. Everybody is doing their best, you are not special. Do your best and help make your company a better place.
  • Save money and stop buying trifles you will forget about in a month. Build your nest egg. You don’t have to impress everyone. You need to care about your finances.

Being a millennial is a priveledge. You get to be born at the time of immense technological and scientific advancement. But you also get to be born at the time of high spending and too much self love. You have to be a good person no matter what. Learn discipline. Work hard and save money. Make an impact for mankind.

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